Quality/Lean Manufacturing

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified! We have been compliant for so long it only seemed natural to go through with our registration in the early 2014. The certification of compliance recognizes that the policies, practices and procedures of our company ensure consistent quality in the products we manufacture and the services that we provide all of our customers.

An electronic copy of our Coastal Manufacturing Business System Manual is available upon request. We believe in providing continuous training within our organization and this allows for a robust and successful in-process inspection program.

Our ISO journey allows us to measure our continuous improvement process and we would be more than happy to share an electronic copy of our Coastal Manufacturing Quality Manual. A great deal of our continuous improvement is derived from our commitment to the LEAN manufacturing process. LEAN has a great set of tools we have successfully implemented.

Our desire to be the best at low volume / high mix of all types of products enable us to target all non-value added items, set-up, queue, and waste thereby significantly controlling our manufacturing costs.

Whenever possible we work with the customer to break down their quantities to smaller batches in order to get closer to a single piece flow. This means parts are delivered even more quickly!


      Commitment to LEAN manufacturing
      ISO 9001:2008 certified
      Kaizen, continuous incremental improvement focused
      Low volume/high mix processes
      E-document retention
      One piece flow
      In-process inspection