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Marine wheelhouse cabinetry used on ships and simulators worldwide.



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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"Coastal's quality and on-time delivery have been exceptional. Working with Coastal as a manufacturing 'partner' has enabled us to increase our profit margin."

-Audio Equipment Customer

"We've been very im­pressed with Coastal. We take them an idea and their engineering staff fleshes it out. Then, they very smoothly make the transition from proto­type to production."

-High Technology Customer

We have been incredibly pleased with the production quality of Coastal in the past and we fully intend to go forward with you on future orders. You are an incredibly capable group and you production facilities are second to none.

-Sound Amplification OEM



Marine wheelhouse cabinetry used on ships and simulators worldwide.


Laser cut salmon life cycle depiction used as a space divider and mounted to a curved wall.


Electronic enclosures used in both commercial and public applications.


Coastal Manufacturing, Inc. maintains a Quality System that is registered to ISO 9001:2015. View the ISO certificate here.  


From the CEO

This company has taught  me that listening to the employees, the customers and the vendors will make clear what to do to be an exceptional company.

Philip Lepley, Founder and CEO